How many of you know that there is Power in the tongue? Miraculous things have happen when declared through the tongue for example in the Book of Genesis…God said let there be light and there was light. Exodus 20:1-17; God spoke to Moses told him who he was “The Lord God who brought you out of Egypt out of the house of bondage”, then gave him a set of rules for all mankind to follow (the Ten Commandments). Joshua 6:20; the people fell the walls of Jericho with a great shout and took over the city. Of course we can’t forget how in John 11:38-44; Jesus only but called to Lazareth’s and said “Come Forth” and Lazareth being dead for nearly four days hands and feet bound in grave clothes arisen from the dead.

Our Father God wants and expects us as his children to use our tongues to speak to Him.  As children we had to ask permission to go to any after school and weekend activities. I know we all should know about that. There were times when I knew my parents would just plain and simply say NO.  I would try to get up the nerve to ask by walking around my mother, looking as pitiful as possible yet afraid to open my mouth. My Mother would ask without even looking at me, “What do you want little girl?” I would just look at my feet and not say a word. It was those times that my Mother would say, “A closed mouth won’t get fed.” It’s funny to me now that she said the small word WON’T and not don’t. How many of us know that don’t is something that should not be done whereas won’t simply means will not? Often times more than not it is small negative words like this with simple meaning that have the biggest impacts on our lives.  SMALL means “lacking in power, influence, or status.   Huh …Did you know that it’s often the small negatives in our lives that are the most detrimental to us and effects our worship and communication, (via praying), with God. I’m sure you know that the closer you get in your relationship with God the more the enemy attacks. Now some of you may or may not know that it doesn’t have to be huge catastrophic attacks like some deadly disease or a burning building with you in it but small attacks on your mental purpose. Know that using your tongue in prayer is the most powerful weapon against these attacks. It is the most effective medicine against sickness,  the most valuable gift to do for loved ones and it goes without saying a closer relationship with God.

The bottom line, my sisters and brothers, is that God wants us to use our tongue to give Him the GLORY, PRAYand PRAISE Him so that WE may be fed full of the blessings that only He can give. Whether for the nourishing of our bodies or for the nourishment of our Spirit we all must be fed. I’m hungry what about you?  With that being said God’s Will Be Done.

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