How many of you know that there is Power in the tongue? Miraculous things have happen when declared through the tongue for example in the Book of Genesis…God said let there be light and there was light. Exodus 20:1-17; God spoke to Moses told him who he was “The Lord God who brought you out of Egypt out of the house of bondage”, then gave him a set of rules for all mankind to follow (the Ten Commandments). Joshua 6:20; the people fell the walls of Jericho with a great shout and took over the city. Of course we can’t forget how in John 11:38-44; Jesus only but called to Lazareth’s and said “Come Forth” and Lazareth being dead for nearly four days hands and feet bound in grave clothes arisen from the dead.

Our Father God wants and expects us as his children to use our tongues to speak to Him.  As children we had to ask permission to go to any after school and weekend activities. I know we all should know about that. There were times when I knew my parents would just plain and simply say NO.  I would try to get up the nerve to ask by walking around my mother, looking as pitiful as possible yet afraid to open my mouth. My Mother would ask without even looking at me, “What do you want little girl?” I would just look at my feet and not say a word. It was those times that my Mother would say, “A closed mouth won’t get fed.” It’s funny to me now that she said the small word WON’T and not don’t. How many of us know that don’t is something that should not be done whereas won’t simply means will not? Often times more than not it is small negative words like this with simple meaning that have the biggest impacts on our lives.  SMALL means “lacking in power, influence, or status.   Huh …Did you know that it’s often the small negatives in our lives that are the most detrimental to us and effects our worship and communication, (via praying), with God. I’m sure you know that the closer you get in your relationship with God the more the enemy attacks. Now some of you may or may not know that it doesn’t have to be huge catastrophic attacks like some deadly disease or a burning building with you in it but small attacks on your mental purpose. Know that using your tongue in prayer is the most powerful weapon against these attacks. It is the most effective medicine against sickness,  the most valuable gift to do for loved ones and it goes without saying a closer relationship with God.

The bottom line, my sisters and brothers, is that God wants us to use our tongue to give Him the GLORY, PRAYand PRAISE Him so that WE may be fed full of the blessings that only He can give. Whether for the nourishing of our bodies or for the nourishment of our Spirit we all must be fed. I’m hungry what about you?  With that being said God’s Will Be Done.


  1. Mary Spikes says

    Very well said!! Our words are so very powerful!!! And the power of prayer is phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this with me! I needed it!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thanks Mary but it’s my pleasure and I’m certainly glad you got a word from this post

  2. Quinta says

    I love this Deb. Keep posting. Would love to share this with others.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you so much Quinta for sharing

  3. Princess Mapp says

    Glad to see you operating in your gifts! Wonderful read sis!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you so much Sis …I certainly trying to be obedient

  4. Sharda says

    I absolutely love this blog,God knew the exact message to send and who to send it through…. Keep me posted for more blogs

  5. Patricia Hill says

    AMEN I needed this today and God knew who to send it through and I believe his will be done in my life on this day!!! Thank You and keep letting God use you!!!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Patricia …

  6. Doris Miller (Trotter) says

    Very good reading God has answered all of my prayer’s I’m am very strong believer in I’m very thankful each in everyday I fill better about life but only through God I I’m were I am today in my life in I thank him until I can’t thank him enuff

  7. SIDNEY MAPP says

    This is awesome and a great read to start my morning.The power of the tongue supersede all physical and material things that’s are glorified, because it is our direct line of communication with the Almighty, and understanding this power is power in it self. Something I will Definatly share with my children.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you nephew please share with your children I think this was the best response ever

  8. T Montgomery says

    Good Read! Thanks for the reminder! ????

  9. Eshajnel says

    Great read and reminder of the tongue having much power. 🙂

  10. dede brown says

    Very true Deb, that “beast” in your mouth what we call the tongue,it has the power to build up or tear down. It’s a powerful tool. As in handling anything sharp, be careful how you use it!

  11. Jamaal says

    This is really good Deb. i really enjoyed it.I’m definitely expecting more to come. Is this where I should come to check out ur words of inspiration?

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Yes Jamaal I will post once a week … so do stop by thank you for your support … check out all the post I wrote and more …

  12. LaVerne says

    My mother said the same thing to me Deb, about closed mouths. I also know a bit about that power of the tongue, it can speak life and death. Your message is encouraging, continue to do the work God set forth for you for his people.

  13. Nicole says

    Thanks Deb for sharing…we have to be mindful about what we’re thinking so that we can use our tongue in the manner that God intended us to. Speak of good works and edify him…nice job sis!

  14. Deb Mahoney says

    This is very inspiring and true. I noticed recently that when I am negative or think negatively then I am short of blessings but when I am positive or say it claim it, it most likely comes true by Denika Holmes

  15. Mike says

    Good work Deb share with others and they will share with you. In response to the tongue Mt 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth that defileth a man, but that which cometh out of the month, this defileth a man. Jas 3:10 Out of the same mouth proceedth blessing and cursing. My brethren these things ought not be so. Michael Moore

  16. Gine' S says

    Very well said knowledge is power and to learn more and more about God is beautiful. Thank you big sister for just that. I needed this

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Sister

  17. Lorenzo Lawson says

    Amen! Sis this is confirmation for me. I woke up reading Exodus chapter 20 this morning. Wow!! I really appreciate the dedication and loyalty in your deliverance and message. Still praying.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      I’m so very happy this was a confirmation for you brother … We all need to know when God is trying to tell us something. Thank you for your support

  18. pope says

    Wonderful work deb can’t wait until the next post .

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Bow for taking the time to read and respond…it is so appreciated. .. until next week

  19. Dezha Kendall says

    These posts are greatly needed and appreciated. Keep them coming! To God be all the Glory!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Until next week De’zha. .. thank you so much for the positive response

  20. Talina says

    Deb, thank you for the great read. Its funny how God works we never know how or when he will use us. With the things I am facing right now I really needed this message.

  21. Joyce says

    Thanks for the reminder. Keep doing what you doing! Enjoying your blog.

  22. Rasheda says

    Great message Mommie!! God really works in amazing ways when you talk to him. As and you shall receive. Can’t want for the next post.

  23. Sean says

    Praise God! Thank you for the insight Debi. Looking forward to next week.

  24. Rosia Alexander says

    Praise God!!! yes, yes, we have what we say and understanding that our tongue is a powerful weapon against anything that is coming against us. Thanks Deb for the word…

  25. Ida says

    Amazing message Deb, I am glad I read it ! We all learned the tongue is the strongest muscle. With that being said, I look forward to your next post .

  26. genevia Walker says

    I’m a first time reader and I love it keep up the good work Deb

  27. Sarita says

    Deb, this is an awesome message. You are blessed. We are so quick to tell everyone else what is not going right in our lives, but yet, we fall short of speaking to the Master, our Lord and Savior, who knows what we need before we even ask. Proverbs 18:21 states, the Power of life and death is in the Tongue. Thanks Deb for this uplifting message.


  28. Jacqueline P says

    This is such a powerful message. It made me think really hard about my role as a Christian. keep allowing God to use you

  29. Harold Mason says

    Awesome analogy. A lot of times it really is the small things that become the impossible – First thing at times is saying, “OH Noooo” or it’s that emphamis word “if”, lol

  30. Harold Mason says

    There’s no doubt about this. I’m just in awe about how much we miss out on the simplest things in the Word to do to conquer the giant/bigger challenges and obstacles we face day to day as well unexpected . smh

    Stay blessed 🙂

  31. Harold Mason says

    Yes I’m commenting on this again – You know errrr now and again, lol

  32. Harold Mason says

    Yes I’m commenting on this again – You know errrr now and again we have to go back, lol

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