Through out the Bible there are many stories of amazing women. I would like to dedicate this Month of May to some of the Awesome Mothers in the bible. I chose 8 simply because 8 represents a new beginning. We all know how much we can benefit from a new beginning. Right? The book of Genesis is loaded with some magnificent mothers but Our Original Mother is Eve and this is who I would like to speak on first.

Genesis 3:16; “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be for thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”  As a woman this is our cross to bear. Imagine how Eve must have felt knowing that due to her transgression she was the cause of this curse upon every WOMAN to ever be. She acted on her own authority when she chose to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. How that must have felt to be in this beautiful garden with everything you would or could ever want are need right at your fingertips and then nothing but the struggles of the world. That’s like having the home of your dreams. No worries about money, food, bills all paid then one day you are homeless with nothing. No more dream home, no more money, no more food, but bills galore.

Eve was mother to Cain, Abel, then later Seth and based on Genesis 5:4 many more. Eve had no blueprint to follow, no role models as examples and she had no internet like most of us mothers in today world. Created by God she was the first woman born of no sin. She was also the first woman to commit sin. Her beauty was so that no woman to this day can compare. She was the first wife, the first to bear children and the first mother to bury her child. Her son murdered by her other son. She actually lost both of her children that day. With the sorrow promised she was fruitful and she did multiply.

Eve was an amazing woman created from dust, the rib of Adam and in God’s image. There isn’t much about her in the Bible and though we can only imagine about her it saddens me that the only thing we remember Eve for is tempting Adam to eat of the forbidden tree. There was so much more to her than that. Her role as an obedient wife, a helper, and most importantly an excellent mother was worth speaking of. Through God’s grace all things are possible and she did fulfill God’s promise she was fruitful and she did multiply. This means she is and will always be the original mother to humankind. With that being said Gods Will be done.


  1. Anji Mahoney-Brown says

    Girl…you know FATHRR GOD is working through you…I have missed your blogs and thank you for this one….This is absolutely true and needed!

  2. Patriece Heard says

    Deb I love this and keep it up God have givin you a great gift and he’s opening doors for you to step through May God continue to bless you wit this talent can’t wait for more from you and I miss you????????????

    • Kalaiya says

      This Is Great.I Learned Some New Things Just From Reading This. It Teaches Me Alot.Great Work.I Needed To Learn Something New

  3. Deb Mahoney says

    Thank you Patriece… I am and will forever be grateful for the gifts bestowed upon me with God’s blessings

  4. Deb Mahoney says

    Thank you Angi. I am doing my best to be obedient … I now have no excuse to reach out to God’s sheep

  5. Christina Martinez says

    This is great. I actually learn things I never knew. I am very proud of you and all that you do. You are truly a blessing with a great talent

    • Deb Mahoney says

      You are welcome and thank you

  6. Anthony Shelton says

    Deb what would have happened if Adam refused to eat of that tree? Would God have booted Eve out and kept Adam or would God have forgiven her and keep the party going?

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Anthony I’m not sure but I believe our God is not a God to hold others accountable for the free will of others … I believe if Adam had been obedient to God’s authority He would not have been cast from the garden … if Eve had accepted ownership to her transgression … who knows

      • Harold Mason says

        God would have forgiven her and still punished her – ijs

        • Deb Mahoney says

          I agree … see I am not a bible scholar, as my Pastor sarcastically calls us :-), but I am striving to be. And what I’ve learned this far is if you accept responsibility, repent and don’t repeat the sin you repented you will be forgiven by God …

  7. Stanley Bull says

    There is so much wisdom and knowledge in the Bible. If we would simply listen (read His Word) He would reveal it all to us. But then sometimes it takes a friend to exhort us to do it. Thanks Deb for doing His Will.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Stanley

  8. Wendy O says

    Deb, Didn’t know that you blogged too. Nice Summation of Eve, Good Job!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Wendy … I will keep you posted

  9. Gine' Shelton says

    Sharda’ was just talking about this with Jerry as for the wife being an helper to her husband. Keep it up big sis knowledge is power and I might not read nor know the bible like you but that’s what we have family for knowledge of the bible love you and continue to let God work thru you. You just don’t know who you can inspire

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Gine’ … I will be posting another mother from the bible by Thursday

  10. Denise Allen says

    Very enlightening Deb! It’s great to have women acknowledged in the Bible like this. After all Jesus chose a woman to do many things in the Bible and Eve was the first one just as you stated!! Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading your blogs!!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Amen Denise

  11. Tonya Kincaid says

    Deb, this was an awesome read and I Thank you for sharing. Often Times we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget. Please keep them coming. Love Tonya

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Tonya … stay tuned

  12. Lenda Wheeler says

    Girl i love this intelligent.. …..imma look forward to your next One..thank you for inviting me this is Awesome

    • Deb Mahoney says

      You’re so welcome … I’m posting Sarah on Thursday so please check back then … Thank you

  13. Fadeelah says

    Deb! this is truly exceptional, Thank you for bringing to light the accomplishments of womenhood & motherhood that sometimes go unacknowledged because we get stuck in our everyday routine that we forget how magnificent God has really made us <3

  14. Fadeelah says

    Deb! this is truly exceptional, Thank you for bringing to light the accomplishments of womenhood & motherhood that sometimes go unacknowledged because we get so stuck in our everyday routine that we forget how magnificent God has really made us <3

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you soon much Fadeelah

  15. Wendy AdellPetty says

    This is really awesome, you are anointed with a special gift, through your plays an now this you are teaching an reaching people that ordinarily would never get this message..Thank you I will be foward ing this to people that I know can appreciate your gift an deliverance. .God bless you an continue spreading the word….

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Wendy … I certainly appreciate any effort to help spread the good news

  16. Shanique Daniels says

    Wow what a breathtaken magnificent read.You have so much talent you should consider writing a book. Keep up the good work.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Shanique … I’ll keep.the book thing in mind … I’m glad you enjoyed it

  17. Dee Dee says

    Inspiring thank you Gmother excellent read

    • Deb Mahoney says

      You are welcome and thank you

  18. Althea says

    I learned something today from reading your blog, thank you.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Althea

  19. Christina says


  20. Mona Lisa says

    We always say so-and-so paved the way for this and that. But Eve is the original who paved the way for women, because she was the first. Thank you for this insight into how Eve basically learned on the job because everything she did has not been done yet. Like having kids and feeling heart broken by the loss of one of her sons. Just knowing we now in this generation can avoid a lot of headache if we learn from the past of others. And do as the bible say and start to obey. Yes we were born into a sinful world but we do know what we need to do,we just have to make up our mind to live for God, and follow his command (no cutting corners).

    • Deb Mahoney says


  21. Brandy says

    I will say that this correlation to real life was a beautiful way to teach the lessons of life. Often we forget the foundation and its importance to societal markers that are repeating again. Thanks for shAring I look forward to reading more.

  22. Jan says

    Awesome read. Never really have much credence or thought other than she pressured Adam to give in to his tempation. Thank you for giving me a much clearer insight of Mary.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Jan

  23. Barbara says

    God is really blessing you, great job..

    • Deb Mahoney says

      And I’m trying to bless the blog readers

  24. Tchina Montgomery says

    I read your blog and enjoyed it! I look forward to reading more in the future! As you know I haven’t officially chosen a religion, but was raised by Jehovah witnesses! I always questioned and didn’t understand why God couldn’t stop them and give them another chance and why God has to punish everyone for Adam and Eve’s sins! I know I was told that God did it because he is a loving God! I also never understood when he kicked his son out of the heavens…why he allowed him to come to earth and influence so many in a negative way! When God had the power to put a stop to it! I also was told that God will lock up Satan after Armageddon, just to release him again years later to try and influence many more people! I just don’t understand why we have to be put under so many tests’ in life! I know he’s given us freedom of choice…but I do blame Eve in a way! If God talked to me through the heavens and I was able to see miracles…I would not have eaten the fruit and wouldn’t let my man either! Sorry for the long rant! I just struggle with my personal feelings! I enjoyed your blog! Keep them coming!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Tchina I will get back to you on some of you’re issues but first I would like to say in reference to your thought on why God did not stop Eve in the garden … As parent our children often times do things that we do not approve of and when they do we punish them for it … This is no different from what God did with them … I don’t believe the the punishment would have been so severe had she accepted ownership of her transgression … I
      would love to invite you to Bible study ..

  25. Patricia Perry says

    Amen Deb! Keep writing for the Lord.

  26. TeAuna says

    Good way to put what Eve experienced into todays perspective.

  27. Theresa Owens says

    This awesome! Thank you for sharing God’s word. I will continue to follow you. GOD BLESS YOU! ❤

  28. annette says

    I love it and let God keep use you

  29. Lurena Frenchie says

    Profound revelation of who she was as women and mother! Excellent read Deb!!!????

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you so much Lurena

  30. Christy pullum says

    Wow very powerful.. I was left wanting more. I was waiting on 8 different story’s ???? I love reading your blogs, I always learn something new.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Christy there will be 8 Mothers Eve was number 1 … the next one I will be posting Thursday … I so excited with the word as I’m still learning too … thank you for your support

  31. Genine says

    Very interesting! I learned something new today. I really enjoyed your blog. You are a Blessing!

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Genine

  32. Lorenzo Lawson says

    Great job Big Sis! The Bible says a wise woman builds her house but a foolish plucks it down. Women have been the cornerstone of the Church for many years now. If you ever want to learn something start from the beginning. Can’t wait to hear more.

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Zo … Thursday’s post will be on the 2nd Mother I will speak on …

  33. Tammy says

    You are amazing MyHomie.

  34. Jennifer says

    Hey sis all is well going to start reading more of your blogs that is very important to know thay woman did sin n we are not perfect we too have flaws and God isn’t done molding us… have a blessed day

    • Deb Mahoney says

      I Concur …

  35. Janine says

    Thank You Deb for enlightening me with your blogs. Really powerful message! Keep on writing as this is your spiritual gift.

  36. Carla says

    Deborah, thank you sharing the story of Eve. Those was so much more to her. I always enjoy reading your blogs. They are informative and enjoyable! Already looking forward to your next one.

  37. TAMI says

    I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing ‘The Original Mother’!

  38. Rochonne says

    Great read … Thank you for sharing. ????

  39. Harold Mason says

    I love the metaphor of today’s relationships –

    “That’s like having the home of your dreams. No worries about money, food, bills all paid then one day you are homeless with nothing. No more dream home, no more money, no more food, but bills galore.”

    If couples thought and lived like that we would have an even stronger Black community –

  40. Edward J. Dunn ( E. Jay) says

    As the original mother Eve, did in fact give life to the human race. This in and of itself makes her not only the original mother, But THE MOTHER SUPREME!!!

  41. Sean Longmire says

    God’s will will surly be done! That was an insightful article and well written. Mercy and grace continue to shine upon you darling!

  42. Cynthia Williams says

    Another on point insight.

    Keep writing and sharing your blog.

  43. Gwen jackson says

    thank you for doing this it means so much specially when you not able to get to church i miss you all when im not there pray for me my breathing not good thanks again

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