KBCF is moving!


God is on the move at KBCF and it is an exciting time to be part of what He’s doing among us. After many months of discussing, researching, negotiating, and countless hours of prayer – we are ready for Phase 1 of the KBCF relocation plan.

Phase 1, in which we are in now, has us holding our Sunday worship service in one of our local neighborhood schools while midweek services are held in our new corporate administrative offices.  Phase 2 will take place when doors are opened and improvements are made to the former movie theater in Eastmont. Phase 2 may take place in one to two years. 

Our Sunday worship service takes place at Roots International Academy on Sundays at 9AM. Roots International Academy is located at 1390 66th Avenue in Oakland.

Our midweek services take place at our new corporate administration offices. Our offices are located at 7901 Oakport Street, Suite 1200 in Oakland.

Our Old Location

7272 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94605

New Location: Sunday Worship

Roots International Academy 1390 60th Ave Oakland, CA 94621

New Location: Midweek Services

KBCF Corporate Offices 7901 Oakport Ave Oakland, CA 94621

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship is moving deeper and further into our community!  God has been gracious in our growth, and now we are called to turn the page to the next chapter of God’s story at KBCF and go! Here are the four reasons we are moving:


The Gospel is always a call to go with the good news of Jesus.  As disciples, sitting, staying, and maintaining is not an option when a desperate world needs the answers the Gospel affords.  Our reality is that we are redeemed messy people pointing other messy people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are always looking to increase our visibility at KBCF and touch more lives.  Our aim is to be a bright light on a hill.  Our move will give us tremendous visibility into a community needing to see a church be the church.


Our culture is minimizing, if not marginalizing, the church.  It’s not that culture is fighting the church, but for many, they just don’t care. Although culture may argue our theology and beliefs, they will not be able to argue the beautiful things and good works stemming from our faith in Jesus.  (I Peter 2:12)


God’s story has been a great one at KBCF.  As we’ve given ourselves away to the community in tangible ways, God has blessed, grown, and expanded our ministry.  Our move will turn the page on a new chapter of God’s story.  We want to continue God’s story at Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship.


Philippians 3:14-15 (MSG)


We are keenly aware that it is difficult to buy into something that is not well understood.  While every question you may have can’t be fully answered here, it is our goal to help fill some of the “knowledge vacuums” which can create uncertainty and tentativeness.

It is time for us to move into PHASE 1 to prepare for the place God has for us. It is time for us to seize the opportunity God is giving us to make room for more people and to have a greater impact on our city. Over the past eight years we’ve learned so much. We’ve learned how to help people without hurting people. We’ve learned how to dig deep and serve our community in genuine, roll-up- your-sleeves ways. Sundays we don’t just go to church, we ARE the church. Our serving has prompted us to construct ways to serve even more. Our dynamic, collective ministry is the fruit of such Kingdom promptings. All of these reasons, and the years it’s taken us to begin grasping such lofty ideas, are why we must go. We are compelled not to only go 1.5 miles south, but to go into all of Oakland, Alameda County, California, etc. with the power of the Gospel and the vision of how God is directing us to do church. Simply put, our dinner table is being reimagined. We hope for a lavish feast for all who are messy and broken. The food will be nourishing. We’ll set up many tables to accommodate all who will come. People who once filled their hungry souls with unsatisfying food will find Gospel sustenance, and bread that gives life.
We are living proof that the church is not a building but the people who make it up. We use buildings as a place to get together and celebrate who God is and what He is doing in us. Our vision is still the same for Sundays, to have a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all ages as well as teaching and music that are Biblically based, applicable, engaging, relevant, innovative, and also to feature stories of life change. We still want people to feel welcome from the minute they get out of their car, walk inside, and check their kids into KBCF Kids. As they worship we want them to know who we are and how they can get involved. We know that people are in many different places in their spiritual journey, that is why our goal is that people who have never heard the name of Jesus, people who have never been to church, people who have grown up in church, people who think they are too messed up, and people who don’t think God has a place for them, will find their way back to God through Jesus.
The leadership of KBCF is taking every effort to make this transition as smooth as possible.  While this effort is on the forefront of our prayers, change is often difficult.  Many have grown to love the current location of KBCF, or even the aesthetics of the building.  But God calls us to go. As time progresses and we get closer to our move, we may have to pivot and adjust things according to the space in which we are moving. However, please know that the core values and vision are intended to remain intact. Will you have to give up your favorite seat in the sanctuary or the comfort of knowing the building like the back of your hand? Sure, this is inevitable.  Still, God calls us to go. It’s in most of our nature to resist change, but we know that change is always easier when we believe in why we are going.  Why we are going puts our comfort in perspective. We ask you to join us in prayer that God would use this move as a way to glorify Himself through our obedience.
First, and foremost, Pastor LJ, the Cabinet and ministry leaders of KBCF prayed through the will and wisdom of God for His church. Beyond ministry effectiveness and affect on congregation, KBCF is receiving council from real estate agents and attorneys. They provide council on business decisions, contract negotiation, and zoning.
Prayer: Please pray for wisdom as we transition. We are going to be planning, ordering, and want to get it right. Also pray that this move gives us visibility in the community and that we will be able to see people find their way back to God because of this move. Join a transition team: This is similar to moving a house or an apartment. Please join a relocation team to help with the transitioning of all of our materials to the new site. You can sign up in the lobby. We are hoping this will create a vacuum for many to serve and use their gifts and take ownership of their church.