Sarai laughed inside her head, laughed because she was 90 years old when God promised she would bear her husband a son. How dare she laugh at what God said. Didn’t she know that God never made a promise that He didn’t keep? I guess she didn’t as she decided to take matters into her on hands.   Figuring God was taking too long to keep his promise she gave her handmaiden, Hagar as a surrogate to have a heir for her husband. But in her defense she did it because she loved her husband so very much and wanted to help him fulfill the promise. How desperate she must have been. She had to be feeling awfully sorry for herself and I’m sure she was ridiculed amongst the women who were able to have children. I can only imagine how she must have felt when she saw a a woman with child. During those times being barren was like a death sentence for a woman, you just wasn’t whole if you could not bear an heir.

It didn’t matter that Sarai and Abram were filthy rich.  That they had everything they could ever need.  Everything but the one thing they wanted most and that was the son promised by God. Ahh the plot thickens and God was getting them ready for his promise in Genesis 17:5; Abram name became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah, Genesis 17:15. The Hebrew name Sarah means Princess or Noblewoman. Sarah was to become the Mother of many nations and God was setting the stage.

Genesis 21:1-3; And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken. For Sarah conceived, and bear Abraham a son in his old age, at these time of which God had spoken to him. And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac. She had to be the happiest woman ever.   She must have loved that baby boy to death and she had to be a very protective mother after that long wait. She knew the promise that God made and she knew her son was very important. Sarah’s loyalty to Abraham resulted in her sharing in his blessings. She became the mother of many nations. Sarah was obedient to her husband even when he passed her off as his sister in Egypt, Genesis 12:10-20, and again in Gerar, Genesis 26:6-13. She remained loyal and her love steadfast for him and he did love her too. Abraham was blessed with all these riches and became very wealthy which made her blessed and wealthy as well.

You know, we are what you would call a right now people. Come on, you guys know exactly what I‘m talking about. We want what we want, right now when promised to us. We just don’t know how to wait.  For example, remember when we were kids and our parents would promise to take us to the zoo or something fun but didn’t say when we were going? We would ask everyday, “Are we going today, When are we going, Why we ain’t going today?” Only for our parents to say, a little irritated, that if we keep bugging them we wasn’t going anywhere   We all know that patience it is a virtue.  We know that good things come to those who wait as well but If patience is such a good thing, why is it so hard? That’s right, hard.   Most good things don’t come easily but when they come they are well worth the wait! With that being said God’s will be done.


  1. Anji Mahoney-Brown says

    Girl, you know you hit the nail on the head with this one…I definitely had to learn that all and I do mean all things in God’s timing and every thing works out for my good. Thank you sister for this……

  2. Joyce Estell says


    Thanks for this reminder to be patience, good things come to those who wait. Keep on doing your post, they are truly appreciate and make you really think deep.

  3. Christina says

    Yes patience is the key and very hard. This one really hit some areas to think in for me. Thanks for the knowledge and keep it up. Looking forward to the next one

  4. Gine' Shelton says

    this is exactly what I’m waiting for my many blessings from God finances spouse new car waiting patiently thank you Father

  5. Phyllis Matthew says

    Patience is a virtue. Thank you Debbie.

  6. Susan says

    Absolutely! We think everything we want should happen when we want it! I know God has a plan for me but seriously I hope I don’t have to wait that long! A few years is a long time to me!

  7. Anette burch says

    Patience is the key. very hard to do though. Very good job

    • Deb Mahoney says

      Thank you Anette

  8. Carla says

    I love your storytelling and summarizing of the message! Keep them coming:-)

  9. Ida jones says

    Thanks for the read Debii! Overtime I have become a patience.

  10. Denise Allen says

    Love it Deb! Patience is a hard lesson to learn, was then and is now!
    Great writing!

  11. LaVerne says

    Great insight! Patience is the key to anything worth having.

  12. Anthony Shelton says

    On the slim chance of sounding sexist, I would venture to say that Sarah, as with many other mothers attempts to control their environment and everyone in it. Although having the best intentions Sarah messed up God’s plan confirming that she was what you call a helicopter wife, a wife that hovers over everyone in the family attempting to orchestrate the movements of everything and everyone around her. Causing her own husband to sin and commit adultery with Hagar giving birth to the longest war in existence Isaac and Ishmael Christians vs Islam. All this just so that she could control the outcome of something she was too arrogant to realize that she never could control, God’s will. This is why she laughed when the angel revealed to her God’s plan, to make Abraham the FATHER OF MANY NATIONS. Bottom line, ladies you have to Know the things you can change, humble yourself to the things you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference. To all my Sarahs out there “You do you and let God’s will be done. Mothers, allow your young men to experience some pain. They wont be able to grow if they don’t. Remember there is no comfort in growth and no growth in comfort.

    Oh, by the way Deb, that sound you just heard was me dropping the mike, Shelton out!

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